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Moving 3D Environments

A little further experiment with 3D makes me want to play LHX or D-Track.

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Just a qestion that made me think a bit. I know that some of them must be professional game designers or at least some sort of programmers. Others are students. How about you?
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The Chain Reaction Game

This game was inspired by Emanuele Feronato’s Circle Chain game and as he posted the AS2 code I took it and converted is to a basic AS3 chain reaction game.This tutorial also covers the mochi encryption issues and the possibility to load different APIs despite those.
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The Piece o' Eight Game II

Basically it’s the first game, but this time it has a goal. Still on the experiment road. I am a bit excited. I wonder what the best weekday is to push it into the world. I think I’ll go through the mochibot stats to find something.
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Well, I have to give a positive statement about game distribution with mochi’s service and little self efforts. Apart from the fact that the game was made in three hours and it really is no masterpiece, it got round quite a bit. At least I was amazed.
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The Piece o'Eight Game

Basically it’s the thing I wrote for the shared objects tutorial. Just added some other graphics. It is my approach to begin the experiment. That ‘game’ won’t get any good score, on the other hand: it’s just a test.
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This topic came up some days ago with a lot of interesting possibilities especially for flash games. One shared object holding several variables you can load from every game. What could that mean? A regular player of your games gets secret levels, special items or skills for playing a game more often. Or let the player compare his actual score to the scores he achieved in other games you made, if these are comparable. Or an adventurelike game where one has to solve puzzles in external games or where achievements in other games control the plot.

Alright, enough of the dreaming, let’s go to where the action is:

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With the Shared Object Tutorial Michael came up with an excellent piece of education. Regarding shared objects, how about sharing data between several games, like sequels or prequels.
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Just trying to embed some flash into this blog with the kimili plugin. This could come in handy for things like coding tutorials or games.
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