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 circle text thumb

Circular text can be useful in several designs, so here is a little class that produces the following:

What the swf shows is first the ‘debug-version’ which changes after a click to the naked text version. Consecutive clicks will produce the same for randomized values.
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Moving 3D Environments

A little further experiment with 3D makes me want to play LHX or D-Track.

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As far as I know, the incorrect handling of the right click on a ‘mouseenabled = false’ movieclip is a known bug with few available workarounds. At least, it puzzled me for several hours.
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By checking the domain your game is played on you can provide the player with certain features which then make your game exclusive to a site. How about adding a ‘BloodMode’ (in a way that is unsuitable for Mochi) when played on Kong or AG?
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This topic came up some days ago with a lot of interesting possibilities especially for flash games. One shared object holding several variables you can load from every game. What could that mean? A regular player of your games gets secret levels, special items or skills for playing a game more often. Or let the player compare his actual score to the scores he achieved in other games you made, if these are comparable. Or an adventurelike game where one has to solve puzzles in external games or where achievements in other games control the plot.

Alright, enough of the dreaming, let’s go to where the action is:

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With the Shared Object Tutorial Michael came up with an excellent piece of education. Regarding shared objects, how about sharing data between several games, like sequels or prequels.
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Just trying to embed some flash into this blog with the kimili plugin. This could come in handy for things like coding tutorials or games.
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