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flash puzzle engine

I found what looks like a basic flash puzzle engine in one of the orphaned folders. Basic in terms of no image, just numbers. When a tile is selected adjacent tiles are flashing (which should not be a function in the game just for the development).
Well, here’s to play with and the source of what merely is a part of something useful. Maybe you can put it to something nice. Continue reading

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flash right click

This post may be totally opinion based. And I, for one, welcome our new possibilities in programming with Flash since version 11.2 and the useful feature of the RIGHT CLICK. YES! I am happy about this. This really is a step towards gaming in Flash. AND: Despite all the nice things one could add to the context menu, I do like the fact that it can be disabled now. Check this out:

A left click rotates the sprite CCW while a right click rotates it CW. Isn’t that cool? And there is no annoying context menu. Wooh! AlRIGHT, getting into the code:
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 circle text thumb

Circular text can be useful in several designs, so here is a little class that produces the following:

What the swf shows is first the ‘debug-version’ which changes after a click to the naked text version. Consecutive clicks will produce the same for randomized values.
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