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This is a byproduct of a game I am actually working on. The announcement of MochiMedias latest contest ’60 seconds to fame’ led to the development of this simple match-four-type-of-game.
Right from the start this was designed to be short (60 seconds), so a game with fast progress was needed. I have tried several improvements on this one.
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Monsters Den is one of the most addicting RPGames I played lately. With ‘The Book of Dread’ Garin came up with a nice update and even new features like a new campaign and a survival mode.
You can find it here: Monsters’ Den
At least you need some good strategy and luck to see all new features. If you’re missing one or even both of those, you can find some help here.
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To enable cheats you need to alter the shortcut to the CODSP.exe as follows:
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