Game: QuadroPop60


This is a byproduct of a game I am actually working on. The announcement of MochiMedias latest contest ’60 seconds to fame’ led to the development of this simple match-four-type-of-game.
Right from the start this was designed to be short (60 seconds), so a game with fast progress was needed. I have tried several improvements on this one.

Besides MochiAds, MochiScores and several APIs (kongregate, mindjolt, newgrounds), I have tried to improve buttons, my new soon-to-be-corporate-image menu (upper left side) and movement that I have not seen before in this kind of game. I spend some minutes to create a song that lasts throughout the 60 seconds and ends in a climax. The guitar solo is quite catching in my eyes/ears. If one of my four guitars would have had six intact strings on it I would have rather recorded it myself. Other than that, the synthetic sound isn’t all bad. Oldschool video gaming noise.

I consider this my best game so far. Though it is short it is pretty polished, comfortable (most options are saved in the local sharedObject) and somewhat challenging.
Ok, you read that far and I am going to share a highscoring secret (though it is obvious, no cheat). You need three and a half red combos to get blue orbs. Once these are on just collect blue combos because the score is multiplied each time. Yellow combos will create more orbs allowing more combos but making exact targeting more challenging. Green combos will increase the orb speed thus making the game even harder. Orbs are generated randomly, so to achieve a great score (gold medal is 400000) you’ll need some luck also. Well, good luck. See you on the leaderboard.

In terms of monetization, it nearly instantly (after 5 hours) received a three figure bid on FlashGameLicense. Unfortunately it was for a primary sponsorship. The contest requests ‘distribution enabled’ that would have broken the seven day exclusivity on the sponsors page. Other than that it feels great to see my work getting appreciated.

It’s also on Kongregate and NewGrounds but as usual they are pretty much ignoring/bashing me there. What, me worry?

Join t’ battle, yoho!

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