Game: PaperWolf

Flu!! 2

The fastest game I’ve ever made (including the time of despair about lack of talent) for mochimedia’s January contest. Uhh, graphics are a horrible thing. It would be easier it every object had a clearly defined function. Anyway, that game definitly holds some opportunities and a sequel should definitely follow. Maybe I should get an artist on board of the team.

The contest theme was ‘fairy tale nights’. First thing I started was a Beat ’em up in MortalKombat style. It is a fun engine (1Player, 2Player and CPUvsCPU), though I did not finish any graphics. But as I wanted to participate I needed something else. So, this Paperboy ‘clone’ was the result. This engine is capable of making it a real clone (that is already implemented but that would have gone to far) with customers, non-customers and thus kind of a story mode.

Though the game is pretty short, I like it.

Be t’ big bad pirate wolf, yoho!

EDIT: You can also play and rate it on kongregate and newgrounds. It was in the kongregate contest list for some minutes:

PaperWolf in the Kongregate contest list

PaperWolf in the Kongregate contest list

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