Monetizing Flash games: December

The stats by end of December (as of December 29th):

My top three games:

QuadroPop60 (released November 21st, 2009)
MochiBot: 27761 views, 159 hosts

Flu! (released August 22, 2009)
MochiBot: 32726 views, 127 hosts

Chain Reaction Tutorial (released August,18 2009)
MochiBot: 4326 views, 103 hosts

The total of four sources (Mochiads, Kongregate, Newgrounds, AdSense) from the beginning of this experiment (ides of June 2009) is ¢2641!

So, the last six months were pretty interesting. I learned a lot about game development in Flash and as a (still) beginner I am impressed of monetization possibilities. Well, I won’t quit my day job though I had quite a lot of fun drawing, coding, recording and putting all that together.

I also reached my goal of 25$. That may not be much but the best part of game development for me is game development. I still have some ideas I would like to test rather today than tomorrow but time is a limiting factor. But I will try to set up some cool things in 2010 as well.


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