Game: Flu!! 2

Flu!! 2

This is now a less frustrating sequel. Less frustrating because I did not implement instant losing in the easy mode. Well, some players already commented on the game being too hard or too easy. Seems like mission completed! I did reuse a lot of code and stuff from the first game, thus development should have been fast. It wasn’t.

It took quite some time to sit down again and make the level design. Right, engine and graphics were ready. All it needed were some numbers. It took a while, I played it a lot of times and I think the different modes are quite good balanced. Some of the achievements are probably really really really hard to get.

Hmm, I am still not sure about sponsoring. I have tried it for the last game and it got a number, but on the other hand… I had to reject the exclusive offer anyway because of the mochimedia contest requiring distribution.

Pig-a-boo, yoho!

EDIT: That’s from the kongregate website:

Flu!!2 in the Kongregate contest list

Flu!!2 in the Kongregate contest list

EDIT n#2: You can also play and rate it on kongregate and newgrounds.

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