Monetizing Flash games: October

The stats by end of October (as of November 1st):

Flu! (released August 22, 2009)
MochiBot: 4768 views, 107 hosts (top host

Chain Reaction Tutorial (released August,18 2009)
MochiBot: 3154 views, 82 hosts (top host

Piece o’Eight II (released July 21, 2009)
MochiBot: 3324 views, 58 hosts (top host NewGrounds)

Piece o’Eight (released June 18, 2009)
MochiBot: 2000 views, 46 hosts (top host Kongregate)

The total of four sources (Mochiads, Kongregate, Newgrounds, AdSense) from the beginning of this experiment (ides of June 2009) is ¢787!

It’s interesting that there are still earnings from all games. Plus a wider distribution – looks like that time works for the developer. Good thing is the MochiAds cpm seems to rise towards winter.


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