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In this part of the terrain modification tutorial I will show you how to move single nodes and their neighbors if necessary. To begin at a smaller scale I will not use a multi-row grid but a line of nodes instead.
Every node in a line will have two neighbors (except for the outer ones of course).
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Within MS Excel one can adjust the height of a row by dragging the boundary below the row heading until the row is the wanted height or double-click the boundary to get an automatically adjusted height that fits the content.

This is true for single column, non-merged cells, whereas the first method also applies to merged cells. But imagine a 300 row sheet. I would not want to drag every row to a certain height after changing the font size. One could say: “Alright, I’ll just select the whole sheet by clicking the field left to A and above 1, drag one row to a height that fits the maximum height.” Lots of empty spaces. Does not look good.

Anyway, in writing the document just add a simple step.
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