Walkthrough: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 – Lair of the Leviathan

Next part of LucasArts’ and TellTale Games’ series. While playing this one I felt like the puzzles were more logical back in the good old days. But after the first half of this, well, most of the solutions become pretty obvious. Well, lets test in this speed run walkthrough. Numbers in brackets denote dialogue options and ‘A_’ stands for automatically started dialogues.

Scene 1
A_ Talk to De Cava (3/3)
A_ Talk to Winslow
Touch Morgan’s wrist
Take Morgan’s sword
Elevate Morgan’s boots
Use the Gangplank
Climb the Main Mast
Take Stinky Earwax
Use Stinky Earwax with Morgan
A_ Talk to De Cava (3/3)

De Cava’s Quiz
Morgan’s pet: Gomez
Morgan’s uncle: Jugbender
Morgan’s ship: Toro
Morgan’s first love: Gustavo
Morgan’s trainer: Dante Dragotta
Morgan’s greatest idol: Guybrush Threepwood

A_ Talk with De Cava (3/2/1)

Scene 2
A_ Talk to Pirate (1)
Talk to Bugeye (Surly Pirate) (1)
Talk to Bugeye (2) (you can’t win this time…)
Take Guybrush Picture where Morgan dropped it
Talk to Noogie (Bongo Pirate) (3/3)
Talk to Noogie (6)
Talk to Moose (Bar Pirate) (6)
Talk to Morgan (5)
Talk to Morgan (2/3/5/2/1)

Use the Exit to Mouth
Take Monocular when De Cava’s lays it aside
Combine Monocular with Fish Eye of the Manatee
Give Fish Eye Monocular to De Cava
Use the Exit to Belly

Walk to Shipwreck
Look at Painting
Look at Figurehead
Use Weird Bump
Talk to Noogie (2)
Use Weird Bump
Use Empty Mug with Pool of Bile
Use Mug O’Bile with Odd Protuberance
Use Odd Protuberance
Look at Iron Monkey
Combine Torture Manual with New Member’s Manual
Use Odd Protuberance
Use Mug O’Bile with Painting
Use Hook with Treasure Chest
Open Treasure Chest
Use Exit to Mouth

Give Mug O’Bile to De Cava
Use Exit to Belly

Talk to Moose (2/2/1)
Use Morgan’s Sword with Santino
Use Murray with Santino
Use Torture Manual with Member’s Cover with Murray
Talk to Bugeye (4) and choose expressions that weren’t used during the face-off
A_ Talk to Bugeye (3)
Talk to Bugeye (2)
Use Exit to Mouth

Go to Ear Canal
Use Cochlea with Wound
A_ Talk to Crew (1/3)
A_ Talk to Morgan (1/2/3/1/3)

A_ Talk to De Cava (1)

Giant Manatee Mating Grounds
Look at Treasure Chest
Go to Cave
Go to Anchor
A_ Talk to De Cava (2/3/4)
Look at Locket (on the barrel near the wheel)
Use Guybrush Picture with Square Picture
Use Golden Wrench with Button
Use Button

The Voodoo Lady’s Shack
Look at Voodoo Mat
Place them: Fracture, Journey, Curse
Use Voodoo Bell
A_ Talk to the Marquis (2/1/3/2/2)
Look at Voodoo Mat
Place them: Journey, Curse, Fracture
Look at Giant Manatee in 12 easy steps
Look at Voodoo Mat
Place them: Curse, Fracture, Journey

Ocean Floor
Talk to Morgan
Talk to Morgan (2)
Talk to Noogie (4/Stinky-Crosseyed-Geezer)
Take Flopping Fish
Talk to Bugeye (2)
Use Morgan’s Sword with Murray
Use the Plank

Manatee Belly
Use Seahorse Head with Giant Manatee
Use Flopping Fish with Bongos
Take Tongue of the Manatee
Use Manatee Lax with Pool of Bile
Use Tongue of the Manatee with Giant Manatee (Coutesy_pleased to meet you)
Female Giant Manatee Quiz
dye the ocean with your blood: Courtesy – pleased to meet you
lummox with clever words: Money&Customs – travellers checks
where will we go: Getting around – the aquarium
not nervous, are you: Emergencies – bathroom
time of the day: Emergencies – lost my watch
rip off your head: Emergencies – stop, thief!
anyone with a lot of baggage: Money&Customs – nothing to declare
male imbeciles: Hotels&Restaurants – television does not work
bunch of cold fish: Hotels&Restaurants – hot and spicy
way to my heart: Getting Around – have a map
devour bloody heart: Hotels&Restaurants – meal was excellent

Giant Manatee Mating Grounds
Use Plank

Ocean Floor
Go to Cave

Give Morgan’s Sword to Morgan
Grab Rope (on your cage)
Talk to Morgan (3)
Go to Main Mast
Use Seahorse Head with Cannon

Duh, ‘To Be Continued in Chapter 4 – The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood’

Two to go, Yoho!

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