Walkthrough: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 – The Siege of Spinner Cay

Next part of LucasArts’ and TellTale Games’ series about our favorite mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood. And here is the next speed run walkthrough. Find the first part here. The numbers in brackets denote the dialogue options.

The Screaming Narwhal
Talking to Morgan LeFlay takes you through the different scenes.
Talk to Morgan LeFlay 2x.
Take the Hook.
Talk to Morgan LeFlay 1x.
Use Hook with Cable.
Use Rope (that is holding the Barrel).
Talk to Morgan LeFlay 3x.
Use Wheel.
Talk to Morgan LeFlay 2x.
Use Seagull.
Use Map.

Jerkbait Islands – Spinner Cay
Talk to Anemone (1/3/3/4/5).
Walk towards the Royal Chamber (Elaine sequence).
Look at Statue.
Go to Royal Chamber and talk to one of the characters (3/1/1/5/6/1/1/9/1/1/1/5).
Go to the raft and give Transit Pass to Anemone.
Use the raft and go to

Roe Island
Use Locket with Manatee.
In the Inventory combine Eye of the Manatee with Fish Eye.
In the inventory combine Fish Eye of the Manatee with Paper.
Go back to the raft and sail to

Spoon Island Map

Spoon Island Map

Spoon Isle
Talk to pirates (2/4/2/3).
Use Pyrite Parrot with Empty Treasure Chest.
Go to the Jungle.
Go to Well.
Take Coupon.
Go to cliff.
Take Coupon.
Back to jungle entrance.
Sail to

Spinner Cay
Talk to Tetra at the library (3/4).
Go to bait and repair shop.
Take Bucket.
Talk to Anemone (1/1/1).
Look at Book (101 fish jokes) in inventory.
Give the three coupons to Anemone.
Examine Oyster in inventory.
Take the raft to

Spoon Isle
Give Pearl to LeChuck.
Talk to LeChuck (1/2/3/2/2).
Talk to LeChuck (1/2/2/3).
Use Ancient Tool with Familiar Clamshell.
Take Prying Tool.
Use Prying Tool with Golden Turtle Artifact.
Give Prying Tool to LeChuck.
Take Prying Tool.
Use Glowing Bait with Hook.
Use raft to

Spinner Cay
Board the Screaming Narwhal and sail to

Brillig Island
Look at Rock.
Use Rowboat back to

Jerkbait Islands
Go to Elaine and use Fallen Statue.
Use Bucket with Hot Coals.
Go to Royal Chamber.
Take Hot Tub Controls.
take Raft to

Spoon Isle
Go to Vacalian Barbeque.
Use Bucket O’Coals with Vacalian Barbeque.
Use Hot Tub Controls with Vacalian Barbeque.
Use Hot Tub Controls.
Use Pyrite Parrot with Vacalian Barbeque.
Go to Cliff.
Use Bowl of Melted Pyrite with Cliff Edge.
Go to Crash Site.
Use Prying Tool with Pyrite Turtle Artifact.
Use Fake Turtle Artifact with LeChuck.
Talk to LeChuck (1).
Use raft to

Southern Blockade
Sail out to the Screaming Narwhal and go to

Brillig Island
Talk to one of the pirates (1/1/4).
Use Palm Tree.
Use rowboat to get to the narwhal and sail to

McGillicutty’s Ship
Talk to McGillicutty (3).
Sail to Jerkbait Islands

Spinner Cay
Go to bait and repair shop.
Talk to Anemone (3/5).
Sail to McGillicutty’s Ship again.
Talk to McGillicutty (3).
Head back to

Jerkbait Islands
Talk to Beluga.
Near the Screaming Narwhal use Summoning Ball Artifact with Ocean.

Screaming Narwhal
Talk to LeFlay (1/1/1).

And again ‘To Be Continued in Chapter 3: LAIR OF THE LEVIATHAN’. Yoho!

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