Game: Flu!

Flu! The Game

Made from the tutorial, this is my newest game. I included several ideas that people on Kongregate and Newgrounds suggested such as the obstacles.

So, third game. Features:

  • chain reaction
  • score and highscore with MochiMedia Leaderboard
  • MochiMedia Leaderboard Medal Achievements
  • score and highscore with Kongregate API statistics
  • achievements with newgrounds API
  • highscore with mindjolt API
  • sound effects AND mute button
  • music AND mute button
  • custom cursor
  • custom context menu
  • 3 modes
  • 19 levels each, random design
  • 4 kinds of piggies
  • 4 different obstacles

So, possibilities are still endless. One could do that as a zombie game, where the bullets are body parts and the zombies (like piggies here) change direction and maybe hunt the cursor. Include upgrades like better weapons, a Matrix-Time-Zoom effect and so on. Endless… Grab that tutorial and do your best.

If you have got a Newgrounds account and like to rate this game there: Newgrounds. Or get your account here.
If you have got a Kongregate account and like to rate this game there: Kongregate.

Be ye a gamer. Yo ho!

EDIT: I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but have a look at the shadows of piggies and vacc-bullets…

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