Monetizing flash games: July 2009 stats

The stats by end of July (as of July 29th):

Piece o’Eight II (released July 21, 2009)
MochiBot: 2526 views, 26 hosts (top host NewGrounds)
MochiAds: 1789 impressions, 1317 skipped, $0.16 eCPM

Piece o’Eight (released June 18, 2009)
MochiBot: 1807 views, 39 hosts (top host Kongregate)
MochiAds: 845 impressions, 714 skipped, $0.33eCPM

The total (including Kongregate) from the beginning of this experiment (ides of June 2009) is ¢220!

There was a massive drop in the eCPM, 50+% of the ad views came from Korea where the eCPM is about ZERO. Anyways, just for learning about API integration, publishing and ActionScript in at all. Next thing to do is to finish a game that can generate some developer pride (maybe getting 10k views, per MONTH…). And then, somewhen, I’ll try to put together a statistic about when games are played (e.g. days of the week).

Arr, don’t ye laugh at my booty. Because it’s MINE! Yoho!

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