AS3: MochiAds leaderboard with custom onClose function

On default, clicking the close button on the mochi leaderboard calls play(), which can in case of a timeline controlled movie lead to some problems. That’s why I added an argument to the showLeaderboard function. The following class belongs to my highscore screen that is called when the game ends or is ended.

But, code first:

package {
  import flash.display.MovieClip;
  import mochi.as3.*;
  import flash.text.TextField;
  import flash.ui.Mouse;
  dynamic public class ScreenHisc extends MovieClip {
    public var sumTries:int;
    public var clipRef:MovieClip;
    public function ScreenHisc (clipRef, endScore) {
      this.clipRef = clipRef;
      var o:Object = { //building the boardID};
      var boardID:String = o.f(0,"");
      MochiScores.showLeaderboard({boardID: boardID, score: endScore, onClose: function(){root.screenHisc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clipRef.restartGame, false, 0, true);Mouse.hide();root.cursor.visible = true;}});

Alright, things are:

your leaderboards ID given by code (nothing to do here, phew!)
whatever score you’d like to send to the leaderboard
overrides the built-in onClose function ‘play()’

Into this function I added an EventListener which let’s the player click away the highscore screen (that itself contains the actual and the highscore from the localObject), the mouse is re-hidden (was activated for the leaderboard) and the custom cursor is set visible.

Questions or remarks me mateys? Yoho!

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