The MindJolt peak or how my stats were destroyed (but thx!)

As a follow up to the rather pessimistic first year review I experienced something that rewarded my efforts. The following is a little story in pictures just to show you the influence that one big portal can have on your earnings.

It was friday and I got a mail by MJ that my game QuadroPop60 was approved and ready to go live that weekend. Exciting!

QuadroPop60 on the MindJolt frontpage

QuadroPop60 on the MindJolt frontpage

So, after reading all of those story about tens of thousands of views I took a screenshot of my Mochimedia Developer Dashboard as a ‘before’:

Mochimedia Developer Dashboard BEFORE

Mochimedia Developer Dashboard BEFORE

Well, I went to Prague that weekend to see some bands at the Sonisphere Festival and when I returned, I had to raise my arm again (you know, with the two fingers up):

Mochimedia Developer Dashboard AFTER

Mochimedia Developer Dashboard AFTER

Great, one weekend (yeah I know, it’s the ‘last 7 days view’) brought twice of what I earned in a whole year before. So, it is possible. Even with a 200 days old game.

And, YOHO!

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3 Responses to The MindJolt peak or how my stats were destroyed (but thx!)

  1. egdcltd says:

    I’m surprised your games haven’t done better. I’ve had better results from games that are frankly a lot worse than yours. I’m fond of the chain reaction games like your Flu! games.

    Do you do much promoting, other than through Mochi? I’ve found that a large chunk of my revenue (less than stupendous as it is) is earned from manually promoting games.

    • kegogrog says:

      Yeah, I have to admit that I am pretty lazy when it comes to manual promoting. I was relying on mochi’s and fgd’s distribution mainly. I did use upload forms on a bunch of sites but never did email my games to publishers. Did you do that?

  2. egdcltd says:

    I’ve not really submitted games by email, outside of the contact forms some sites have for submissions. Mostly, I’ve been doing uploads. The best performing site so far, other than MindJolt, has been, with over 140,000 impressions from one game.