Flu!! 2

  • Description

    Save the farm (again) and vaccinate all piggies. 54 levels of now less frustrating puzzle action. Practice your timing and multi-object-focus skills. Meet 'Evil Pig' and 'Le Pig Atomique' in this sequel.

  • Instruction

    Vaccinate the first piggy with a click on the left mouse button. The piggy will spread more antibodies and thus vaccinate other piggies. Try to start a chain reaction and clear the levels.

  • Developer Log

    More information on the development of this game is found in this post.

  • Publisher Info

    Get the game for your website. The ZIP contains the swf together with thumbnails in several sizes: ZIP.

    Or use the following embed code to directly embed the game:

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3 Responses to Flu!! 2

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  2. Debra Grant says:

    I have tried over and over to play the Flu2 game. It tells me my game is loading and then nothing happens. What’s up?

    • kegogrog says:

      Well, it should work now. If you can’t get it to work please specify your browser and flash version. Oh, and sometimes ad-blockers may hinder proper execution.

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