Game: TriPop


The selfish creation. I like match three games, so I made one. What I don’t like in games is time pressure whatever more ‘excitement’ it may bring. So I made me a little relaxing game. When I thought about making it public I added a timed mode, because there are people who like that. The most interesting fact from the developer side of view: I did the whole game in FlashDevelop and there is not a single graphical asset included. It’s all code generated.

Strategic alignment:

  • Create a casual game as expandable and thus exploitable template
  • Learn to work with FlashDevelop

The mechanism of a match three is trickier than thought. I decided against a flood fill check algorithm and instead used a double loop (rows, then columns). That way the first check is cheaper because only the swapped region (1 row and 2 cloumns or 2 rows and 1 column) is checked. I managed to implement detection of all kinds of combos. By checking rows first and columns later there are combinations that aren’t easily marked as having the same elements. But a little backwards loop over all found matches afterwards did that.

The game features:

  • A title screen with the expanded kegMenu® and some fluffy clouds floating around. The game uses automatic language detection via System.Capabilities for english and german.
  • The TriPop menu screen

    The TriPop menu screen

  • A settings screen with full sound control (main, music and effects) as well a language choice.
  • The TriPop settings screen

    The TriPop settings screen

  • A screen showing the basic instructions
  • The TriPop help screen

    The TriPop help screen

  • A screen that informs the player that a link he clicked is not working. This is mostly due to the parameters allowNetworking or allowScriptAccess set by the site owner. When it is detected via try...catch the link is copied to the clipboard and the user is informed that he can just paste it into the address bar. I didn’t want to block the game at this moment. One could include the domain where the links are blocked for a dynamic blacklist or something but blocking the game would be rather annoying for the player.
  • The TriPop link block alert

    The TriPop link block alert

  • And a little ‘console screen’ though no input is possible. I included it just for me to see if the game is working correctly. It is accessible via keyboard input ‘IDDQD’. In-game this leads to a faster game end, a feature that I needed to test the leaderboards.
  • The TriPop developer console

    The TriPop developer console

  • And of course the game. As this is the developer log I just wanted to show off the gimmicks first. As already mentioned, all graphics are code generated. The size of the final swf including the MochiAds preloader is 307KB with:
    • 238KB for the background loop (‘Winter’s Dream’, also on NewGrounds Audio)
    • 10KB for the sound effects
    • 39KB for the game itself
  • A TriPop game screenshot

    A TriPop game screenshot

And here is the game link.

Have fun playing it and leave a comment if you like to. Though it is still no ‘industrial standard’, I feel that this is my most professional work and I had a lot of fun developing it with only free tools. FlashDevelop is very comfortable for writing code, not only regarding the space on the screen for conding on a laptop monitor.


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13 Responses to Game: TriPop

  1. JJ says:

    Hello keg,
    I haven’t posted at your site for some time now. The reason for that is that right now I have been concentrating on the free unity 3d development platform.

    If you haven’t heard of it please check it out. With your programming ability, I think you will be able to make some good stuff with that free to use game engine. (free for all small developers)

    • kegogrog says:

      Hey JJ,

      Nice to hear from you again. I am more and more excited of the quality of free tools nowadays (e.g. FlashDevelop).
      Yes, I have heard about Unity, I’ve even read their beginners tutorial once. With MoleHill on the horizon, Unity will get interesting for Flash developers anyway, methinks. The screenshots do look fascinating. You know what, I have several things on my todo list, further pathfinding tuts, creating game music basics and of course games. Now that you (and you’re the first person ever) expressed that I may be able to use it, I’ll give it a try and the list gets longer (filling up several human life spans eventually…). I’m actually downloading it while writing this.

      Do you already have something to show? What’s your progress on unity? Any tips for a noob ? (What happened to rookie? Not humiliating enough?)

  2. JJ says:

    Heya there again keg

    Glad to know you downloaded the unity game engine. You are right that there is always a shortage of time and its better to spend it optimally. If you do plan on keeping your interest in the unity game engine alive I am about to post a few tips including web sites that have helped me in the past month or so. I will do it in 2-3 posts.

    FIRST tip is that please get a tool that will enable you to download online videos

    I personally use Download Helper with Firefox. This is available at

    The reason I say this is because most of the good tutorials for unity 3d and Blender are in the form of video tutorials.

  3. JJ says:

    Hmmm. there seems to be an error in the comments system

    • kegogrog says:

      Why? Or (more like) what?

      • JJ says:

        Its nothing actually. I found a way around it. The comments system sometimes allows me to post links and at other times it gives me a 503 error

        My around it was to put a space between the two ‘t’s in http

        So I posted ht tp instead of continuous.

  4. JJ says:

    SECOND TIP – This is about the Unity 3d game engine itself

    I went through a lot of tutorial sites, and in my humble opinion this is the best route to go

    1. First take a look at the videos on unity’s official website here. This will help you to get acquainted with the unity development interface and basic stuff. The link is below
    ht tp://
    If this is not enough for you to get the basics covered, you can also take a look at this
    ht tp://

  5. JJ says:

    2. Once you have become acquainted with the interface and how to create a script (in any of the 3 languages) , you can take a look at this tutorial where this dude shows you how to develop a very basic arcade game
    Making a Simple Arcade Game in Unity by Matthew Campbell
    ht tp://

    3. Lastly, and this is only when you have time on your hands, you can take a look at this site where this dude shows you how to develop a hack and slash RPG with 176 video tutorials!!! (as of now)
    Hack & Slash RPG – A Unity3D Game Engine Tutorial
    ht tp://