Dawn of evil in 103 years?

As I came upon a list of hoaxes there was one that stated February 20th as the last ‘triple symmetry date’, which was proven false because of December 21st 2112, 9:12pm (21:12 in 12h).
So, the more mystical approach was missing:

This date basically constists of three numbers: time (21:12), day & month (21.12.) and year (2112).

Alright, sum them!

2+1+1+2 = 7… ? No, it’s 6! *gasp! Does that mean…? YES! It is the dawn of evil. Because it is 666! WHAT THE…! What can we do?

Nothing. And we don’t need to. I don’t expect anyone of you living to this date. On the other hand, our children should be aware of something like: last day, Satan rising and so on blablabla. Who cares…

Impale numerologists and open fire! Yo ho!

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